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Arinaitwe Rugyendo: Managing Director & Co Founder

Rugyendo has worked for over 18 years as a journalist and media entrepreneur in Uganda. He has consistently worked to spur young entrepreneurship, leadership, and social transformation in the country for which he has won numerous awards.

A Desmond Tutu leadership program Fellow and a Crans Montana Forum ‘New Leader of Tomorrow,’ Rugyendo has set out on a  long journey to nurture Uganda’s next generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, through the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts among school going children in Uganda aged between 4 and 15.

Rugyendo says: Uganda is in the midst of a journey toward middle-income status. No country in the world has reached this stage without an emphasis on Science and Technology. For this to happen in Uganda and Africa, we need our young people to see technology and related applied sciences as a future not which they might just benefit from but which they can help create. If today’s children are equipped with the right skills, if they have the right networks, if they have the right attitude, Uganda’s youth unemployment crisis that stands at 83% will go down in two decades from now. We have to make sure we equip every child in Uganda and the region with STEM skills to be relevant in the future, a future that is dotted with the digital revolution requiring skills in science and technology.

In 2012, Rugyendo was awarded the prestigious Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellowship of the African Leadership Institute which is jointly run by the University of Stellenboch in South Africa and the University of Oxford in the UK.

In 2013, Rugyendo was awarded another prestigious Fellowship- The Crans Montana Forum, a network of world political, social and business leaders committed to a more balanced and humane world. He picked his award in Geneva in 2015.

Rugyendo is a father and married with 4 children- two boys and two girls, all pioneers in the Young Engineers West Kampala program.

Email: rugyendo@youngengineers.ug

Twitter: @RugyendoQuotes    Facebook: Arinaitwe Rugyendo       Contact: (+256) 752-466-778


maureenMaureen K. Rugyendo: Deputy MD & Co-Founder

Maureen is a founding partner at e2 Young Engineers Uganda and holds Masters in Business Administration. Maureen is a mother of four beautiful children and an accomplished management consultant. She loves working with children and is very patient with the young and restless lot at e2 Young Engineers Uganda. Her passion is to see children grow into responsible self-help adults.

Maureen says: As a company committed to grooming Uganda’s next generation of scientists and innovators, the concept of STEM is at the core of our operation. We believe that our children need 21st Century skills to be formidable players in the future of Uganda. Our STEM disciplines will be critical to social, economic and environmental progress for future generations.  I’m excited to be part of the Young Engineers West Kampala Uganda team and to continue to be inspired by the bright minds of our future.

Email: maureenru@youngengineers.ug

Contact: (+256) 785-552-210

Allen Nanyonjo: Head of STEM and  Innovations.

A recent Graduate of Information Technology from Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda, Allen is very passionate about Technology, and she is a hardworking individual capable of interacting freely with people and the ability to accumulate knowledge very fast and disseminate it with her colleagues.

Allen is a self-motivated person with the ability to undertake and excel in multiple tasks and is dedicated with a strong focus on whatever she does.

Allen has worked as a volunteer promoting STEM programs through training Scratch, and programming skills like Mobile application development using App Inventor in primary and secondary schools with the aim of inspiring the young generation into Technology and mostly targeting young girls in the country.

Allen says As a lead Instructor at eYoung Engineers Uganda, I have a grand vision to attract the country’s laid-back female species into STEM. I believe that more girls in STEM will mean the entire nation of Uganda transformed. My job is to lead the huge team of instructors to keep the mission and goals of Young Engineers Uganda.

Email: allenrosej@gmail.com

Contact: (+256) 706-103-595 / 778-406-544

sheilaSheila Kajwengye: Marketing Manager

Sheila is a Marketing Manager at e2 Young Engineers Uganda. Sheila is a CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply). Sheila is a mother of four and loves working with children. She has previously worked with Dynapham International South Africa as a country coordinator which exposed her to more marketing skills. Sheila is currently passionate about e2 Young Engineers Uganda spreading around the country.

Sheila says: My mission is to see more and more Ugandan children hooked onto the Young Engineers caravan so that we not only create a critical mass of future innovators, we stamp out youth unemployment for good by skilling the young generation, today.

Email: ankucheik1506@gmail.com

Contact: (+256) 705 894 686

Administrative Staff Manager: Monica Arinaitwe

Monica  is the Administrative Staff Manager at Young Engineers Uganda and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Makerere University. Monica is a mother of one boy and very experienced in Management.

She loves Children and working around them. She is very passionate about having everything in order and seeing children grow into organized, self-sustaining, and accountable Citizens.

Monica says: My focus is to ensure that the Young Engineer’s dream is rooted in the best practices and ensuring that the franchise delivers to its intended mission. An organized and transparent environment is what we all want our kids to grow in and become responsible innovators of the future.

Contact: (+256) 706 006189