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Are you passionate about grooming the young generation into Science,technology,engineering and math at an early age. Join us and be part of the  the first ever practical Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) programme for children aged 4-15 years using a LEGO curriculum in Uganda. Contact us here today / or send your resume at



“Our mission is to nurture a critical mass of future scientists and innovators who will tackle 21st century problems using 21st century skills acquired under our programme.

The  vision of the unique programme is to bring quality STEM education programs to young students around the world in fun and engaging lessons while teaching practical skills they are going to need to become the next generation of engineers and scientists!

The programme is an enabler of the current pre-primary, primary and lower secondary school curriculum and not a substitute.

“It is the disruptor of the theoretical and cram work packages that are the major problem of the current system of education is Uganda,” he said.

children on the programme displayed excellent innovation skills by practically demonstrating an imaginary well-organized city that they thought would be the best alternative to the chaotic and jam-packed West Kampala city.


How the program works

The program uses a LEGO curriculum and kits from which children build different models aligned to a particular problem. It is divided into five stages in which a child who entered it at the age of 4 is able to exit at the age of 15 armed with a practical project for further enhancement and entrepreneurship.

Participation in the class helps the children succeed in school. For children in the lower grades, the class provides an infrastructure of basic knowledge that enables them to comprehend the material that they will learn in sciences and mathematics in the higher grades.

The program has packages for children with special needs, summer camps, workshops for seniors, the elderly, birthday parties, and more.

It uses a franchising business model and according to Rugyendo, Ugandan entrepreneurs with an interest in the future of education are encouraged to apply for tutorials and spread the caravan.

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