By Allen Nanyonjo

Last month, 9-year-old Lowena Mwiza Rugyendo became our first ever student to hold a LEGO Birthday party in our Young Engineers Uganda family.

On February 18, the beautiful Lowena Mwiza turned 9 and our team felt it was important to try out one of our best menus- a LEGO Birthday party- for her.

A LEGO Birthday party is an ordinary birthday party but the difference being that this time, the children are occupied with building models out of their own imagination of what a typical birthday should look like.

Rather than spend time jumping on bouncing castles, children attending a LEGO Birthday party get a chance to learn basic science principles while building models and playing with them.So, on this day, Lowena invited her friends most of whom had never heard about Young Engineers before.“I wanted to surprise them with something different and memorable,” Lowena tells YE News desk.The Young Engineers team, organized a special LEGO Birthday at Lowena’s home in Butto, Bweyogerere, West of West Kampala City.

The fun moment that attracted about 50 kids, involved building models, spinning the fortune wheel, being asked fun questions plus playing with the models they had built. To ensure that the kids enjoyed every moment of it, they were separated in age groups.The children between 4 and 6 sat differently from the older ones.

The sessions began where the younger children (4-6) were introduced to the Big Builders program and the older children were introduced to the Lego Challenge program.During the sessions which happened concurrently, children in the Big Builders where introduced to a Tricycle, they learnt about the difference between the Tricycle (a vehicle with three wheels), a Bicycle (A vehicle with two wheels) and a Unicycle (a vehicle with one wheel), and they later managed to build a tricycle which they played with.

The children in the LEGO Challenge Program were introduced to the Centrifugal force (a force that pulls the chairs of a ‘Merry Go Round’ from the center) and Centripetal force (a force that pulls the chairs of a ‘Merry Go Round’ towards the center), which aids in the operation of a Carousel/ Merry Go Round. The children then built their favorite Merry Go Round and played with it.

After building, the children had a short break where Lowena served them with tasty snacks and drinks.Following the break, children were involved in the game of the day, which was a Wheel of Fortune, which the children would spin first and then be asked questions set by the birthday girl.

“A fortune wheel is a concept of ancient philosophy referring to the unpredictable nature of Fate.” In this case the unpredictable nature was in form of colors matched to the kids’ questions. The child spun the wheel randomly, changing the positions of those on the wheel and if they got the question right they would walk away with a big candy.After all this, the birthday girl cut and served a LEGO cake with her friends.

The parents loved the idea as most of them confessed that it was the first time for them not to get much disturbance from the children, as they were kept engaged in different activities all through the party.

If you would like to surprise your child with an awesome LEGO Birthday party, please follow this link Lego Birthday to order for a Lego Birthday.