robotics“Children’s games are significant;

They have a tremendous role shaping the child’s life”

– e² Young Engineers – 

Robotics & Software Engineering

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Robotics & Software enrichment program provides theoretical knowledge in software and mechanical engineering combined with mathematics and physics. The program includes real-life practical software programming and the Young Engineers Edutainment approach, which combines learning with playing.

In each lesson, the children build a model using LEGO® bricks and components that demonstrates the lesson’s subject. Each group receives a unique kit which is designed and manufactured especially for this purpose as well as programmatic interface tools, including NXT Intelligent bricks, sensors and servo motors. A new subject will be taught every lesson and will take the children several steps toward understanding and using the scientific-engineering solution learned during the session.

Suitable for: 7th – 12th Grade

Average lesson duration: 90 minutes


Young Engineers Robotics Enrichment Program

[divider] The Main Goal and Idea

  • Investigating machines from a real engineer’s point of view
  • OOP – Object Oriented Programming
  • Focusing on mechanical software design, using teamwork
  • Investigating the machine’s programmatic mechanisms required to operate it, using mathematics and physics
  • Finding solutions for programmatic-mechanical optimization problems

[/starlist] [divider]  Program Subjects Include


  • Software Engineering: Commands, Terms Loops, Planning methods, Dynamic programming, Applied mathematics, Efficiency, Interfacing
  • Mechanical Engineering: Complex arithmetic, Forces and laws of physics


[divider] Robotics Values


  • Develops procedural logical thinking
  • Develops the ability to cope malfunctions
  • Develops mathematical thinking
  • Develops programming skills
  • Develops motor skills
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Develops engineering processes analytic skills
  • Strengthens social aptitude, self-confidence and a sense of capability

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Building and Investigating

  • Robots that perform various actions
  • Variety of animals
  • Amusement park rides
  • Construction equipment
  • Various vehicles
  • Other exciting machines that expand the children’s imagination