Bitature00_5951 Mr. Butature

“Positivity!” That was the  simple tweet from the Chairman of the Ugandan Private Sector Foundation, PSF, Mr. Patrick Bitature, endorsing our programme on Wednesday afternoon.

Known for his zeal and a knack for start-ups, Mr. Bitature’s tweet and endorsement as the first ever from a senior Ugandan official could not have come at a better time, when Young Engineers West Kampala Uganda is taking the country by storm in championing a STEM Education revolution in the country.

Mr. Patrick Bitature is a Ugandan businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of the Simba Group of Companies, an East African conglomerate, with interests in telecoms, energy production, mining, media, real estate, travel, and leisure. He is also the chairman of the country’s top energy utility firm, UMEME Ltd.
He once told business students at the country’s top Business school, Makerere University Business School ( MUBS), that there was a genius in each of them.
“Within us all is a deep well of potential. There is a genius in every person; all you have to do is find the key to unlock it… To tap and release that genius in you. There are seeds of greatness hidden within all of us, that need to germinate and grow…ordinarily Seeds require the right conditions, Soil…., Water.., Light…etc. Similarly, you as individuals, require the right mindset, to germinate and flourish. A mindset of Abundance- not scarcity and poverty. And that’s your biggest challenge today as you graduate because you now have the education. You have the knowledge. And some of you even have the skills…but very few have the right attitude and mindset.”
At Young Engineers West Kampala Uganda, we are very proud of this endorsement.