By Phyllis Nasuuna

A Young Engineer building a flywheeel
A Young Engineer building a flywheeel

During the Christmas Holiday, Young Engineers West Kampala Uganda was privileged to host a trial class of pioneer kids who have registered on our LEGO Challenge class.

LEGO Challenge is the second key stage on our STEM Program and attracts kids who are mainly aged between 6 and 12

During the lessons, kids learnt scientific principles of Circular Motion, Linear Motion and converting Linear motion to Circular Motion.

From these basics, the kids built a Fly Wheel as their first model.

Watch the video above and enjoy our first creation as we continue to nurture Uganda’s next generation of scientists and innovators. The kids were excited and enjoyed every moment of their individual creations that tested their ability to appreciate STEM in an Edutainment way.

Young Engineers e² is an enrichment programs community that is dedicated to educate children the basics of math, physics and engineering in a fun and productive way with LEGO bricks models.

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