Young Engineers Uganda children nominated for the Pan African Robotics Competition in Senegal 2022.

The Pan-African Robotic Competition, PARC, is an annual competition for robotics teams in Africa and its diaspora. The goal of the competition is to inspire the youth while promoting STEM education. PARC prepares the youth to use science and technology to address societal challenges. Participants are also given the opportunity to network and learn about STEM careers and higher education opportunities. Each year, competing teams are given challenges based on real-world topics relevant to science, engineering, and the sustainable development of Africa. More about PARC


Young Engineers Uganda children Participate in the Vex world Robotics Championship Competition  in Dallas, Texas season 2022/2023.

VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) is a robotics competition for registered middle and high school teams that utilise the VEX V5 Construction and Control System. In this competition, teams design, build, and program robots to compete at tournaments. VEX Worlds is an amazing experience for the teams that attend. the Young Engineers students report that it is life changing and  inspiring, the competition made them realise the importance of the Young engineers LEGO lessons about basics of engineering, transmission which they applied while building their robots. The kind of experience  made them want to work harder and convinced them to pursue a STEM career.




Team Uganda demonstrated their success in using project-based learning model through d participating in online challenges, remote competitions, and in-person events. More about VEX Worlds!!