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    • We are unable to offer refunds after the commencement of classes/EVENTS or after payment has been received.
    • We are unable to offer makeup classes, refunds, or discounts for missed classes. This ensures Young Engineers can maintain a stable learning environment for all students with minimum class disruptions. Payment details will be issued within 3 business days once class availability is confirmed.
    • A sibling discount MAY apply is offered to families who have more than one child enrolled at the same time.
    • A position in a class is not guaranteed until availability has been confirmed and payment has been received. Term fees are paid in advance.
    • All 2023 Public Holidays during the term: Office will be closed and classes on that day scheduled.
    • Class fees, times, duration & locations are subject to change.
    • Students enrolling after the commencement of the term will be charged a pro-rate (they will only pay for the remaining lessons.

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