Hello parents, thank you so much for supporting Young Engineers  program. These are some of the things the children are learning.



The first day was all about introduction to the kit (parts and names of the kit), getting to know about young engineers and making new friends. This was followed by a learning about the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt. Is a machine that helps in moving things like luggage, from one place to another. The children leant that it is not only used in supermarkets, airports but also in big industries during the production or packaging process. It uses belt transmission, this is where the drive pulley or motor starts the rotation/movement and then the driven receives the rotation to the other parts of the machine using a belt. A belt can be a rope, rubber band or a string

Weight measurement instrument. It is used to measure the weight of various products. It has graduation markings on the sides just like the ones on the thermometer or a ruler. There are different types of measurement instruments but in the ancient times, people used the wheat and barley to compare weights. The students learnt new terms like weight and mass.

Kinetic beach beasts. The students learnt about kinetic energy, Theo Jansen (philosopher), and how to operate a machine with wind energy. Theo Jansen was a Dutch sculpture, engineer who created kinetic creatures from smart tubes (plastic electricity tubes with amazing movement abilities). The term “kinetic beast” is named after the energy type “kinetic “energy. Kinetic energy is the energy in motion. The kinetic beach beasts move by energy of wing combined with smart sensors the help them better move on the beach.

Ferris wheel. Is a ride that takes us very high up in a circular motion, we find it in children’s parks and play grounds. It using speed reducing transmission because if it went very fast it could break and cause injuries. Speed reducing transmission is when the small gear or pulley is used to drive the large gear or pulley.

Laundry machine. A machine that helps us do laundry easily and faster. It is used at home, schools, and hotels among others. The student learnt that the machine uses centrifugal force making the clothes rub against each other with water and soap.

Manual electric beater. A beater is mainly used in the kitchen. The students learnt about gear transmission, its characteristics and gear ratio. The gears have to touch each other for the transmission to occur, power is transmitted through the teeth and it is very reliable.

Race car. The students leant about speed increasing transmission using a pulleys and a belt, they created a race track and then auto raced each other after building their models.

Rescue helicopter. The students learnt about the lift force and how the helicopter operates.



Goat. The children got to know the goat, roles of the shepherd and roles of the sheepdog. The female goats are called nannies and male called Billies.

Ballista. The students learnt about the ballista- it means to throw and was used to throw arrows or stones at the enemy and how it operates- it was made of wood and ropes to enable throwing of the arrows, its uses and operation- uses elastic energy in order to throw the rocks.

Tricycle. It is a small vehicle with three wheels that make it stable on the ground. The students also learnt about the bi-cycle and uni-cycle

Lady bug. It is a small insect red in color with seven black dots on its back. The students learnt that I is used as a natural form of pest control (it eats aphids).



Rabbit and duck. These are two cute creatures. The rabbit has big-long ears, can hop far and fast because of its long legs, lives in burrows, eats plants and vegetables especially carrots, has good sense of sight especially at night . A rabbit’s good friend is a duck.

Airplane. The children learnt about the term air distance- distance from one place to another without considering roads or physical structures, the various types of aircrafts like gliders, helicopters and there uses (carry people, for fighting , for agriculture).

Fan. It is used to generate fresh air in a cold weather. We can also find fans in bid industries and in machines like computers.

Mosquito. It is an insect with three body parts, it flies, buzzes and bites. Only the female mosquito bites (to get proteins). Mosquitoes bite depending on our scent. We protect ourselves against them using a fan or air conditioner, applying mosquito repellent cream, using purple light and by sleeping under mosquito net.




More exciting models like the android human robot, hot air balloon and many more  for both LEGO CHALLENGE CLASS 7 TO 15 YEARS and BIG BUILDERS CLASS 4 TO 6 YEARS.


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